Herd's Diet

Does Your Herd’s Diet Include Mineral?

Adding Mineral into Your Herd’s Diet

With the change of seasons and warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to consider the ways to add mineral into your herd’s diet to improve its performance. Here are some tips to ensure your animals are consuming the mineral you set out for them.

Three Things to Know

  1. Place mineral in proper locations

Your cattle are more likely to eat the mineral you place out for them if it’s conveniently located. Experiment with placing mineral in different locations to see what works best for your space and your cattle’s needs.

Consider setting mineral near water sources and in the shade. If you would like to promote better grazing in underutilized pasture areas, you can also set mineral out in those spaces to see if your cattle will wander there.

  1. Know how much mineral you need

Most cows need about 4 ounces of mineral per day, and calves need about half that amount. You can expect a 50 lb. bag of Purina® Wind & Rain Mineral to last 10 cows about 20 days. If your herd needs extra help combatting Horn Flies in the warmer spring and summer months, consider purchasing the Purina® Wind & Rain Mineral with Fly Control. 

Not only is it important to know how much mineral to feed your cattle, but it is important to establish the habit of checking your feeders often to ensure they are full and have not tipped over. Making mineral easily accessible for your animals will encourage them to eat it.

  1. Find the right feeder for your needs

Another thing every farm must decide is what type of feeder works best for its needs. Metal feeders tend to last longer than wooden feeders but can rust quickly. Finding a space to cover your feeders or placing them under shelter can provide a longer lasting solution.

Where to go for More Information

If you have questions about adding mineral into your herd’s diet, please ask a Munson Lakes Nutrition representative for assistance. Our store associates and office staff can connect you to a qualified nutritionist to assess your individual farm’s needs. For more information on feeding and caring for your cattle properly, check out our service offerings and follow the Purina® blog.

If you are interested in purchasing bags of Purina® Wind & Rain Mineral All Season or Fly Control or tubs of mineral, they are available for sale at the Country Store in Howard Lake. Bags are on sale through April 30, 2022.