Ray Munson

Dairy Specialist

(763) 291-4510

Charles Peterson

Dairy Production Specialist

(763) 568-8205

Doug Sawatzke

Sales Nutritionist

(763) 670-9547

Jeff Thorpe

Dairy Production Consultant

(320) 293-6700

Lauren Tilus

Calf & Heifer Specialist

(612) 708-0134

Eric Munson

Eric Munson

Feed Quality Supervisor

(320) 543-3517

Nick Achen

Dairy & Livestock Specialist

(763) 204-5951

Leaha Lindsley

Lifestyle Product Specialist

(920) 615-6607

Ted Radintz

Director of Sales

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With several quality ingredients at our disposal, we can produce a wide variety of bulk custom mixes to fit any nutritional need.