Using the latest technology, our professional staff tackles tough nutritional issues that hinder your farm’s true profit potential. Our service model is an interactive approach through which to grow and sustain your livestock business.

MLN Services

We offer a full range of services to support our customers through all stages of their supply chain journey. From feed ingredient sourcing to manufacturing to transport to product and business consulting, we work with our customers to increase their profitability and assure their animals reach peak performance. Many of our services are customizable to fit the unique needs of each end user that we serve.

Feed Ingredient Sourcing

We source our ingredients with local partners to manufacture high quality animal nutrition products. The ingredients that go into formulating our products are customizable to fit your animals’ dietary needs.
        • Local Sourcing
        • Ingredient Procurement
        • Nutritionist Guided Research and Development

Feed Manufacturing

We manufacture, package and batch products for our customers onsite with quality and care, as we have been doing for nearly 90 years. Our experienced mill operators run our production facility with accuracy and a passion for what they do.
        • Planning and Forecasting
        • Product Development and Design
        • Manufacturing and Packaging

Feed Transport

Our animal nutrition is manufactured in house with the best quality ingredients to maximize health and performance. Our Nutritionists advise on specific dietary needs and customizable feeding regimens.
        • Truck Scheduling
        • Onsite Farm Delivery
        • Reliable and Courteous Service

Animal Nutrition & Product Consulting

Our reliable delivery crew supplies customers throughout Central Minnesota with quality animal feed, delivering approximately 12-14 trucks of product per day.
        • Proprietary Feed Formulas
        • Onsite Nutrition Consultations
        • Customized Feed Blends
        • Feed Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Business Consulting

Our consultancy services are formatted to ensure success and profitability for our producers. Our specialists work side-by-side with you to tailor a plan to fit your needs.
        • Custom Feed Formula and Manufacturing 
        • Feed Inventory and Supply Management
        • Feeding and Ration Strategy
        • Feed Logistics and Commodity Sourcing
        • Feed Product Field Testing & Application
        • Brand and Marketing Services

Risk Management