Farm Safety Equipment

Focus on Farm Safety

It’s important to create a culture of safety on your farm. Harvest season is a great time to discuss best practices and focus 0n farm safety with your employees to ensure your operation can reduce accidents and minimize its risks.

Safety Practices You Can Implement Today

Your focus on farm safety should start with you and expand into your team’s daily operations. Here are some practices you can implement on your farm today: 

  1. Hire and train employees who value safety 
  2. Follow your own safety protocols and rules; lead by example
  3. Reward success and act as a team to cultivate a safety culture
  4. Create emergency action plans 
  5. Train employees on emergency procedures

Why is Farm Safety Important

It’s estimated that 80% of farm accidents result from failure to deal with hazards or carelessness. Most accidents are avoidable, which is why it is so important to regularly train your employees on safety procedures and reward them for maintaining a safe work environment. 

Farm Safety Training Topics 

You can focus on farm safety by establishing safety protocols and training for your operations on many common topics including the following: 

  • Proper use of PPE 
  • Cleaning equipment & safety
  • Reducing Fire Risk 
  • Preventing roof collapses from snow 
  • And more

If you would like to learn more visit the University of Minnesota’s Farm Extension Farm Safety webpage for additional resources. Contact a Munson Lakes Sales Representative at (320) 543-2561 if you would like to discuss your nutrition programs or schedule an on-farm consult today.