Protect Your Cattle from Flies

Protect Your Cattle from Flies

Do you have a program in place to protect your cattle from flies? Let’s explore why flies can be a danger to your herd and how to prevent them from impacting your business’ revenue.

Why are Flies a Danger to Your Herd? 

Flies pose a danger to your herd because they can increase disease transmission and decrease production. Once they make their way onto your farm, they can multiply in numbers quickly and become difficult to manage. For this reason, it’s important to have a prevention plan in place. 

Although stable flies, horn flies and face flies can all cause problems for your cattle, horn flies are the most likely to threaten your business’ production. This is because they can prevent weight gain.

Ways to Protect Your Cattle from Flies 

The best way to combat flies on your farm is to maintain cleanliness and sanitize your herd’s environment. Try these techniques to keep your farm fly-free:

  • Monitor and remove decaying matter like rotting hay and manure 
  • Change out soiled bedding regularly, especially in the hot summer months 
  • Use feed–through products, sprays or feed additive products

Many farmers choose to manage horn flies by feeding their herds a mineral that contains fly control. These products provide a longer-lasting solution than other types of fly control products. Purina’s Wind and Rain ® Storm ® Fly Control mineral is our favorite feed-through fly control product that breaks the life cycle of horn flies in the manure. 

Tips for Using Fly Control Mineral 

Feeding your cattle fly control mineral will protect your herd from flies. Follow these tips for best effectiveness: 

  • Monitor and replenish feeders 
  • Place feeders near waterers and grazing areas to promote consumption 
  • Feed fly control mineral 30 days after the first frost in the fall to prevent flies from maturing in the spring

If you would like to discuss your farm’s fly control program with a Munson Lakes representative, call us at 320-543-2561 or ask a store associate at the Country Store. Although this article put emphasis on cattle, we can suggest techniques to mitigate flies on any type of farm. Visit Beef Cattle Nutrition Articles ( for additional recommendations.