Leaha Weight Taping a Horse

How to Weight Tape a Horse

Do you know how to weight tape your horse? Weight taping is a quick and easy way to help keep an eye on your horse’s weight. Lifestyle Product Specialist Leaha Lindsley would like to teach you how to weight tape properly. 

What is Weight Taping?

Weight taping is a method of estimating a horse’s weight by measuring its heart girth. It should be used when an approximate (but not exact) weight is needed to be taken. Follow the instructions and diagram pictured below to learn how to do it. 

How Do You Weight Tape a Horse? 

  1. Pick up a Purina® weight tape from your local Purina ® dealer
  2. Stand horse square on flat ground
  3. Place tape around the heart girth placing it on the highest point of the withers
  4. Snug up the tape
  5. Read the number to get the weight

Why is it Important to Weight Tape a Horse?

Weight taping your horse can help you understand if it’s maintaining a healthy bodyweight. Proper nutrition and weight management is important for your horse’s overall health.

Weight Taping provides a baseline for you to know if your horse should lose or gain weight. It can also provide guidance for purchasing certain types of medicine and feed. 


If you would like to learn more about weight taping or discuss your horse’s feeding program, please contact our Lifestyle Product Specialist Leaha Lindsley at (920) 615-6607 or

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