VFD Audit - Barn

How to Prepare for a VFD Audit

If you have never been audited by the MN Department of Agriculture (MDA) or had to prepare for a VFD audit, it is natural to feel uncertain about what to expect. During our audit ealier this year, we asked an MDA Inspector what happens “on the farm” when a producer is contacted for an audit. 

Things an Inspector Will Ask for and What to Expect 

After an MDA Inspector arrives at your property, they may ask for you to show them or explain to them a number of things including the following.

  • A list of VFD’s for the past 2 years
  • A specific VFD with the label, formula and sales ticket
  • For you to explain how to read your label and how to understand it
  • To see your storage area to confirm if any medicated drug and medicated feed is segregated from the rest of the inventory
  • To see if your bins and pens are labeled
  • To check your mixer/TMR for hang ups or caked on product and to determine how often you clean it
  • To take possible samples of medicated mixed feed and medication, if you have any on hand


Things to Remember When you Prepare for a VFD Audit

Remember that you have plenty of resources available to help you prepare for a VFD audit. Use the expertise of your Veterinary to acquire VFDs and to educated you on how to read them. 

  • Work with your Veterinary to get your VFD’s
  • Follow labels and VFD’s
  • If you get the call, feel free to call us

If you receive a call from the MDA to be audited and need help, call our office at 320-543-2561. We will connect you to someone that can guide you through the process.