Fly Control for your animals' comfort and bottom line

Fly Control During Spring

Warmer weather will be here soon, and it marks the beginning of the pesky fly’s life cycle. That is why fly control during spring is important.

Why is Fly Control During Spring Important?

Without a proactive fly management program in place, diseases and reductions in weight and milking productivity resulting from flies can take a significant toll on the comfort of animals and an operation’s bottom line.

Things to Consider When Planning

At Munson Lakes Nutrition, we strongly urge our customers to take action and implement fly management measures to include:

  • Farm sanitation
  • Manure management
  • And a fly control product in their feed

Recommended Products and Timing

We recommend using ClariFly® Larvicide or Altosid® IGR in your feed or supplement early in the spring, 30 days before flies begin to appear and feed through warm weather months and 30 days after the first frost when cold weather reduces or ends fly activity.

ClariFly® Larvicide is best to use with animals in confined housing. This product targets the larvae of Stable and House flies. ClariFly® is approved to feed to cattle, horses, swine, sheep and goats.

Altosid® IGR is an economical way to control pasture-based flies like the Horn Fly. It is easy to incorporate in mineral supplements and other feeds offered to pastured cattle.

The average best time to start using Purina’s® Wind and Rain® Storm® Fly Control for dairy heifers and calves would be mid-April. The goal is to have the product coming through the manure when the flies start to lay their first eggs to be ahead of the population.

It’s recommended that most Beef operations start using Purina® Wind and Rain® Storm® product slightly later in early-mid May when the cattle are taken to grass for the Altosid® products.

Resources to Implement a Successful Fly Control Program

If you have questions about fly management on your farm, contact a Munson Lakes representative today! Contact our office or store for information. Remember, fly control during spring is important, and now is the perfect time to start implementing your program.

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