Munson Lakes: Changing for the Better

by Board of Directors

Although we manufactured feed for all livestock, Munson Feed Company definitely got its start in the poultry business. In recent years, Munson Lakes Nutrition has concentrated on the dairy and beef business, which now makes up 65 percent of our business. We now feed about 54,000 lactating cows

The current owners of Munson Lakes Nutrition include Land O’Lakes, Federated Co-ops, Centra Sota Cooperative, and Glencoe Coop. The company employs 46 people who sold, manufactured, and delivered 150,000 tons of feed in 2014. See our current employees pictured in our Photo Gallery. This talented group of people is on pace to produce 170,000 tons of feed in 2015.

Munson Lakes Nutrition continues to update and remodel its mill and truck fleet to keep up with new manufacturing technologies and demand for its feed products. Most recently, we installed a new robotic pallet loading system, a new mixer, and added more ingredient bins to offer our customers more choices. 

We’ve also added to our fleet and employ a reliable delivery crew which guides 12-14 trucks down the road every day to keep our customers supplied.

Some things will never change
Our goal in making any change to this historic and highly regarded organization is to be the best nutrition company possible for our customers.

However, some things will never change. The values of the founders—the values that shaped our heritage—will remain. As was true in 1935 when our company was founded and that first bag of feed was manufactured in a hand-cranked barrel mixer, Munson Lakes Nutrition will continue to:
  • Manufacture a great product at a fair price.
  • Give great customers service.
  • Base every decision on fairness and decency.
You have my word on it!
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