47 Years as a Munson Customer

Ken Fehn grew up on a farm near Rogers. He and Barbara married in 1958 and started their own dairy herd north of Albertville. In 1964, the Fehns moved to the farmstead where Barbara grew up, northwest of St. Michael. They’ve lived there ever since. “I was born in there,” says Barbara, pointing to a room just off their kitchen and dining room. Ken worked hard in the dairy, and Barbara paid the bills while keeping everyone’s belly full. “She helped milk when the boys were young, but when the boys got older, we fired her,” Ken jokes.

Mark, Alex, Barbara, and Ken Fehn.
The Fehn Dairy Farm is a success on many levels. First, it provided a living and a place for Ken and Barbara to raise their five children: Paul, Mark, Margie, Theresa, and Tony. Next, the dairy literally rose from ashes after the barn burned in 1994. The Fehns decided to rebuild when others were exiting the business. Finally, the dairy has given succeeding generations an opportunity to get involved in milk production. Ken’s son Mark purchased the dairy when Ken retired in 1997 and now operates it with the help of his son Alex and daughter Lindsey.

What has made the Fehn Dairy a success? “We’ve always tried to keep top production,” says Mark. Lowell Schrupp agrees and says Ken knew a good dairy animal when he saw one. “He’d go to the auction sales and buy the best cows,” remarks the Munson salesman who called on the Fehns for 30 years.

Lowell, now retired, also compliments Fehn’s forage management. “Ken always cut his hay early so he got better quality.” Lowell should know. For three decades it was his job to sample the farm’s forage. Then, with test results in hand, Ray Munson worked with Ken by phone to balance the ration. “We’ve had a good relationship over the years,” says Ray, who recently met Ken face-to-face for the first time. “They relied on us to supply the quality feed they needed to make this dairy successful by their hard work and knowledge of the cows.”

These days, sales nutritionist Doug Sawatzke visits the Fehn Dairy Farm to collect samples, balance rations, and make sure one of our longest continuous customers gets the service they have come to expect.

“They do give good service,” says Mark Fehn about Munson Lakes Nutrition, which celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year. “If we order feed for Monday, we know it’ll be there on Monday, and the same drivers deliver the feed to Fehn Dairy every time, so they don’t make mistakes.”

“They do a super job,” adds Ken.

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