Feed Rep Helps Push Production

MLN Delivers More than High-Quality Feed

Gohmanns value nutrition expertise and service they receive from Munson Lakes Nutrition.

In January 2006, Brad and Shelly Gohmann switched to Munson Lakes Nutrition (MLN) as their feed supplier because they needed nutrition expertise and they wanted better service.

“We got what we were after right from the start. A good relationship with our feed supplier continues to pay off,” says Brad. Along with his wife, Shelly, he operates a 101-cow dairy business near Clearwater. “Doug answers a lot of our questions and he’s helped us improve cow comfort and herd health.”

They value nutrition advice
He’s talking about Doug Sawatzke, MLN sales representative. Shelly adds that they value the good-natured way Doug provides nutrition expertise and always finds an answer to their questions. “He’s serious, matter-of-fact about nutrition, and always helpful. I kid him a lot and he can be a friendly jokester too.”

The Gohmanns operate their dairy business on the family farm that was founded by Brad’s grandfather, Ben Gohmann, 100 years ago. Brad’s dad, Bernie, added land to the original 80 acres until he had about 500 acres. He and his wife, Louise, sold the original homestead to Brad. Bernie still owns farmland and rents some of it to Brad and Shelly. He also plays an integral role in the farm operation. The four Gohmann kids—Nick, Greg, Jaclyn, and Alicia—help too, although they’re quick to point out that farm life can be a lot of fun, too. (They played volleyball while Mom and Dad gave this interview.)

QLF works well
Although successful dairy herd management relies on attention to several components, nutrition is the keystone, according to Brad. “Each aspect of the feed program must be correct to maintain herd health and feed efficiency. For example, it’s crucial to keep the correct particle size for the TMR to avoid displaced abomasums.

“Early this summer we introduced Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF) into the ration and the cows kept right on eating,” he continues. “The high corn price motivated us to do that. After no corn crop last year, we were looking to cut costs. QLF reduced the need for high grain concentration in the TMR and it helps keep the TMR uniform. We’ve seen less sorting and better appetites. It also helps rumen function to improve digestion. We believe it has reduced acidosis as well.” Since the Gohmann’s started with Munson Lakes they have increased their rolling herd average by more than 2,000 pounds per cow to a 24,000 pound average.

“The key advantage to working with MLN is individualized service,” adds Shelly. “They gave us somebody who can tailor feeding programs for our herd and our operation.”

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