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Customer Spotlight 

Dedication on This Mayer Dairy
Lyle had a stake in dairy early on. His parents, Louis and Melba Honebrink, milked cows, along with raising chickens and hogs farrow to finish. Lyle and his older brother, Larry, did chores around the farm. In high school they got their own patron numbers with the local creamery. Read the full story

Archived Spotlights:

47 Years as a Munson Customer
Read about the Fehn Dairy Farm at St. Michael, one of Munson Lakes Nutrition’s longest continuous customers.

February 2010: H&JJ Johnson Dairy Goes Robotic
A parlor that needed replacement and high labor costs resulted in a decision by Howard, Joe, and Jamie Johnson to install four Lely Astronaut A3 robotic milking machines at H&JJ Johnson Dairy last October. Click here to read the story.

December 2009: Co-Jo Dairy
Father and son team place great value on the use of emerging technology, both to grow their milk production and to educate the non-ag world about the dairy industry. Click here to read the story.

September 2009 - Finding His Niche: New Market Revitalizes Hog Operations
If you attended the Munson Lakes customer appreciation event a couple of weeks ago, you know all about one part of Doug and Debbie Manthei’s farming operation—pork chops. When that silver trailer with the pink pig rolls up, it’s a sure bet that good food won’t be long in coming. Read full spotlight.

May 2009 - Maximizing Production in Tough Times
Dennis Neumann started dairying on his own in 1978, with 28 cows and 40 acres. He started four miles from the dairy farm where he grew up. Soon, he sold that farm and rented another. Dennis relies on Munson Lakes Nutrition’s Mike Foust for feeding advice. He speaks appreciatively of what Mike did for his dry cow program. Read full spotlight.

February 2009 - Passing Heritage to Future Generations
Last year the Hillview Dairy farm, operated since the early 70s by Bill and Opal Haase, was named a Century Farm by the State of Wisconsin. That's the number of years it was owned by the Haase family. Going back through Bill's grandmother's sister, who had a different name, the farm has been in the family since 1887. Read full spotlight.

December 2008 - A Legacy on This Sesquicentennial Dairy
“It’s all about the girls!” says David Anderson, talking about what gets the most attention on Up-the-Creek Farm near Lester Prairie, MN. The 45-head Guernsey milking herd, which David and his wife, Donna, manage, is a high priority. Read full spotlight.

September 2008 - Feed Rep Helps Push Production
In January 2006, Brad and Shelly Gohmann switched to Munson Lakes Nutrition (MLN) as their feed supplier because they needed nutrition expertise and they wanted better service. Read full spotlight.

June 2008 - Return to MLN Swings Production Upward
Justin Gabbert tried another feed supplier for awhile. Eventually he found reasons to come back to Munson Lakes Nutrition (MLN ). Just over a year later, he’s glad he did. Since his herd’s been back on MLN feed, the Howard Lake dairyman’s rolling herd average has increased by 4,000 pounds per cow and it continues to rise. View PDF of full spotlight

February 2008 - Profit Demands Several Things Done Right
Brian and Kevin Brabec value dependability. The Mayer, MN, brothers rank nutrition high on the list of several factors that keep their dairy herd productive. Their relationship with Munson Lakes Nutrition (MLN) began more than 40 years ago while their parents, Bob and Betty, owned the farm. View PDF of full spotlight

December 2007 - Loyalty Important to Buffalo Dairy
Warren Krause began buying dairy feed from Centra Sota Co-op in 1959 (the same year he graduated with a dairy science degree from the University of Minnesota and purchased a farm seven miles west of Buffalo, MN). Forty-nine years later, Warren and his son Charles are still buying feed from the coop through Munson Lakes Nutrition. Charles has been active in Krause Holsteins since 1990 and is a 1991 dairy science graduate of the U of M. View PDF of full spotlight

September 2007 - Princeton Producer Likes Being Own Boss
“It’s a good day when we get a lot of work done and nothing breaks down,” says Dale Shelley, the third generation of Shelleys to farm west of Princeton. Dale likes the fact that production agriculture allows him to be his own boss. He also enjoys the prospect of harvest approaching with its cooler weather and the winding down of the haying season. He does a lot of custom baling. View PDF of full spotlight
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