Mike Foust, Dairy and Livestock Nutritionist

Cow Nutrition Yields Wholesome Milk
Mike proclaims his zeal about helping dairy producers keep their cows healthy and productive. “We should be proud of the wholesome, healthful milk and beef we produce,” says Mike, “and animal nutrition plays a vital role in that.

“Cow health is huge for the profit of the dairy,” he continues. The key to profitable production of quality milk, he continues, is cow health — which depends on good nutrition. By the time a cow concludes her first lactation she has cost the dairy producer about $5,000, Mike points out. So it’s worth a lot to keep a cow going. To earn from that investment, it pays to keep her healthy and productive for several years.

“My goal is to help minimize the occurrence of displaced abomasums, milk fever and ketosis,” he says. “Nutrition influences each of these.”

“Munson Lakes Nutrition offers customers tremendous flexibility in feed formulation,” Mike emphasizes. “We buy ingredients and blend them to yield cost-effective production and herd health.”

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Mike was born and raised on a hog and dairy farm near Lester Prairie. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, Waseca, with a degree in agricultural production. He worked as a dairy herdsman for 11 years. In 1986 he became a sales nutritionist for the feed mill in New Germany and in 2000 he moved to the feed mill in Gaylord. Recently, Mike celebrated his second anniversary with Munson Lakes Nutrition. For 10 years he’s earned Purina’s Farm Consultant Honor Council distinction. Mike and his wife, Beth, have three children: Josh and his wife, Dawn; Jessica and her husband, Travis; and Anne. They have four grandchildren: Chase, Madelyn, Carter, and Wyatt. Mike has served on his church council for 17 years, eight of those as an officer. He also rings the bell and tapes the service (for shut-ins) every Sunday.
Mike Foust mafoust@landolakes.com
cell 320.310.5982

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