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Nutritionists  10/23/20 8:02:23 AM

Nate Dressel, Equine & Lifestyle Production Specialist

A Passion for Horses
"I loved horses as soon as I knew what they were," said Nate Dressel, Munson Lakes' new lifestyle production specialist.

Based at the Munson Lakes Country Store in Howard Lake, Nate's goal is to meet people and advise them on animal nutrition -not only horses,
but also chickens, ducks, goats, dogs, cats and any kind of lifestyle

Learn more about Nate
Over the years he managed several horse barns. Riding and showing horses has always been a big part of his life. "I've attended competitions or competed in western, English events, hunter/jumper and dressage," he said. "Currently, I compete in sorting and penning."

Nate worked as a welder and a production coordinator in a welding shop for several years. Now he looks forward to working with horses again. "I jumped at the chance to grow into this position and move forward with my career in horses," he states.

You may contact Nate at 952-564-5339, or email him at nddressel@landolakes.com.


Charles Peterson, Dairy Production Specialist 

Charlie brings a lot of ground-level, on-farm practical knowledge and experience to the table to help customers increase efficiencies and, therefore, profitability. "Profitability on a dairy is driven by three main biological factors: overall good cow health, strong efficient reproduction and excellent nutrition," Charlie says. "It's like a three-legged milking stool. If one of the three legs is broken, you fall over." Charlie adds, "I'm excited to join the Munson Lakes team. This is a quality organization with quality people. I look forward to working hard for my customers."

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Originally from Chaska, MN, Charlie grew up spending time on the dairy farms of four different uncles who milked cows. While in high school his passion for dairy and farming in general was further developed while working for local dairy operations near his home town. After high school, Charlie completed his bachelor's degree in animal science from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining the Munson Lake team, he spent 4 1/2 years as an AI technician in southeast MN, followed by another four years as a herdsman on a 1,200-cow dairy near Waverly, MN, where he focused primarily on reproduction and cow health. 

You may contact Charlie at 763-568-8205 or by email at C.peterson@munsonlakes.com

Ted Radintz, Calf & Heifer Specialist 

A Passion for Cattle
Growing up on a dairy farm, Ted Radintz was in charge of the calves and heifers. He showed cattle in 4-H and earned a degree in animal science at the University of Minnesota. So, he fits right in as our new calf and heifer specialist, coming to Munson Lakes last November.

Learn more about Ted
Previously, Ted worked in cattle marketing with Central livestock Association, on animal health issues with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and on policy issues with Minnesota Milk Producers. "I have a strong passion for cattle," he said. He was drawn to Munson Lakes because of our dedication to customer service. "I appreciate the progressive nature of how we conduct business and keep the farmer first," he stated.

Ted's goal is to help livestock producers accomplish their goals, particularly younger producers without a lot of margin for error.

Ted is available to come out and talk through your issues and concerns. Just call his cell, 763-218-7590, or email him at tradintz@landolakes.com
Doug Sawatzke, Sales Nutritionist 

We Manufacture What Fits Your Needs
What works best for the customer and their herd drives Doug's efforts. He focuses on meeting unique and individual customer needs. "I only want to produce for them what they need and want," he says, "not simply what we'd like to sell."

Doug often professes how proud he is to work for Munson Lakes Nutrition. "We're good for our customers," Doug explains. "This company emphasizes personalized service and employee expertise. It has very high moral and ethical standards.

"Plus, we offer business efficiencies. A lot of feed dealers rely on a manufacturer for all their products. We have our own mill and we have the commodity purchasing skill to offer a variety of ingredients and pass along savings and discounts to customers."

For Doug, business relationships and friendships run close together. He loves to help his customers earn profits. "I'm passionate about ration formulation and I look at each customer's herd as if it were my own," he says.

You may contact Doug at 763-670-9547 or by email at doug@munsonlakes.com

Jeff Thorpe, Dairy Production Consultant 

Good Cow Health Boosts Performance
Jeff's had a passion for dairy all his life. He works with many herds in the top 100 for production and believes that high performance comes from concentrating on overall cow health.

"To make feeding programs work best for each producer's individual situation, I work with them as if it were my own dairy," Jeff says. "How would I apply the ration? What impact would it have on my labor? Would it be practical on a day-to-day basis?"

Aiming at good cow health and high tank averages, he works out a cost-efficient ration to balance each producer's home-grown forages and grains.

"On paper, rations mean almost nothing," Jeff says. "We have to focus on how ingredients integrate to maintain herd health, breed-back efficiency and profitable milk production. In the real world of dairying we have to synchronize carbohydrate and metabolizable protein nutrition. We focus on true energy and usable protein. That goes beyond simple amino acid balance."

You may contact Jeff at 320-293-6700 or by email at JGThorpe@landolakes.com
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