Charles Peterson, Dairy Production Specialist

Charlie brings a lot of ground level, on-farm practical knowledge and experience to the table to help customers increase efficiencies and therefore profitability.  “Profitability on a dairy is driven by three main biological factors: Overall good cow health, strong efficient reproduction and excellent nutrition” Charlie says.  “It’s like a three-legged milking stool.  If one of the three legs is broken, you fall over”.  Charlie adds “I’m excited to join the Munson Lakes team.  This a quality organization with quality people.  I look forward to working hard for my customers”.    

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Originally from Chaska MN. Charlie grew up spending time on the dairy farms of four different uncles who milked cows.  While in high school his passion for dairy and farming in general was further developed while working for local dairy operations near his home town.  After high school Charlie completed his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota.  Prior to joining the team at Munson’s he spent 4 1/2years as an AI technician in southeast MN followed by another four years as a herdsman on a 1200 cow dairy near Waverly MN where he focused primarily on reproduction and cow health.

You may contact Charlie at 763-568-8205 or by e-mail at

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