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By Dr. Andy Mueller, Field Dairy Nutritionist

Amino acids are essential nutrients in lactating dairy nutrition. They should not be considered optional feed additives.

In the last decade, amino acid balancing has become more and more popular. When properly balanced in a ration, amino acids can lower the crude protein content needed, manage MUN’s, and increase production and components. It can also have positive effects on health and reproduction.

Balancing a ration for amino acids involves balancing metabolizable lysine and metabolizable methionine—the lysine and methionine that a cow is able to absorb and use. With our Upper Midwestern corn silage, alfalfa, and corn-based rations, we are usually not short on lysine and almost always short on methionine.

There are many bypass methionine products that can be added to a dairy ration. They all work well, but you should also consider the cost per unit of methionine that the product supplies, its supply or availability to be fed, and the benefits to the cow.

Munson Lakes Nutrition recently added a Liquid Metasmart® system at their Howard Lake mill to supply low-cost bypass methionine for dairy rations. Liquid Metasmart is readily available and there are no supply issues like there have been in recent months with other bypass methionine products.

Liquid Metasmart has one of the lowest costs per unit of metabolizable methionine of all commercially available methionine products. Also, Liquid Metasmart can increase both milk fat and protein yield and the percent of each in the milk. A recent University of Illinois study also showed that adding methionine to transition diets, pre and post fresh, increased early milk production and that cows supplemented with methionine had a lower incidence of disease.

There are many benefits to adding supplemental methionine to your dairy ration. Now Munson Lakes Nutrition can help you do it in a very economical way. If you have any questions about amino acid balancing, bypass methionine, or Liquid Metasmart in a dairy ration, please contact your Munson Lakes Nutrition sales nutritionist.

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