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Manage Heat Stress From the Inside With Rally

By Dr. Andy Mueller and Jeff Thorpe, Field Dairy Nutritionists

We typically address heat stress in cows on the outside by strategically locating fans and sprinklers, especially in the holding pen. Occasionally, we’ve added yeast to the ration and increased DCAD levels to help cows deal with summer heat.

Now, Purina® has come out with a way to fight heat stress from the inside, with a product that has been around for almost 15 years. Rally™ has three patents for decreasing Non-Esterified Fatty Acids (NEFAs) by 40% in prefresh cows, for increasing early lactation intakes by 3.8 lbs and take off milk by 5.1 lbs, and for increasing total milk production 3.5 lbs.

What is new with Rally is that over the last three summers, it has been tested in University of Missouri heat stress chambers and on numerous farms in Mexico and the U.S. This research showed that in the presence of heat stress, cows fed Rally maintained intakes and milk production better than cows not fed Rally.

Rally works by changing the cows’ metabolism to use energy/glucose more efficiently, which is unique to this product. Other summer heat stress products try to increase water intake or reduce the cow’s body temperature in hopes of keeping her eating, but they do not affect her energy balance and metabolism. Energy/glucose is what keeps your cows healthy and milking year-round, but especially during heat stress.

For more information on how Rally can work to increase your dairy’s profitability, contact your Munson Lakes nutritionist at 320-543-2561 or 800-245-7717. Also, ask them how to download the FREE Purina Cool Cow App to monitor and manage heat stress.

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