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VFD in Force and Enforced

 By John Zander, General Manager

The veterinary feed directive (VFD) that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put into effect on Jan. 1 has been a smooth transition so far. The FDA has already stopped at one of our customer’s farms. Brian Yager and  Doug Sawatzke attended the inspection on behalf of Munson Lakes Nutrition. Since there were no violations,  just a couple of things that needed to be corrected on the paperwork, we all viewed it as an instructional visit.
FDA rules prohibit MLN from preparing any feed for a customer without a VFD. Our software will not allow us to  sell any products that need a VFD without having a VFD on file. If you need any assistance in obtaining a VFD,  please contact your MLN sales nutritionist or our Howard Lake office. We will walk you through the required  steps.By the same token, if the FDA stops at your farm, please call us immediately. We will have someone stop and sit through the meeting with the inspector. REMINDER: Not all feeds require a VFD. Any feeds containing Tylan®, AS-700® or any products containing chlortetracycline need a VFD. However, calf feeds containing Bovatec® or Rumensin® are not affected by the FDA ruling.
Supplying a better product for calves
We hit a milestone in our milk replacer sales. Two years ago, we were approached with a challenge to increase our sales of premium-quality milk replacer to 1,000 tons. At that time, we were selling 350 tons. In 2016, we sold 1,088 tons of premium-quality milk replacer. Thanks to all of you who upgraded your milk replacer purchases with the goal of helping your calves attain their potential. Congratulations, as well, to the MLN sales team for putting in a lot of extra work to make this happen.
Saying goodbye to a valuable team member
Finally, while all of our sales associates were involved in the milk replacer sales increase, one individual stands out: Maynard Moen, our calf and heifer specialist. Maynard has done a wonderful job for us in that capacity. He has also done a great job of teaching Ted Radintz to carry on once Maynard retires on April 1. Please join me in thanking Maynard for his service and congratulating him on his retirement. Maynard’s wisdom and work ethic is a clear reminder of Our Mission, at right.

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