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Better Treatment for Scouring Calves

By Melissa Holz, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Co.

Land O’Lakes® has made some exciting updates to a couple of your favorite calf care products: Land O’Lakes Electrolyte System and Land O’Lakes Electrolyte Complete.

Land O’Lakes Electrolyte System is a two-part, cost-effective program designed to address the effects of scours, electrolyte loss, nutrition, and dehydration in calves. This product has been reformulated, based on research by Dr. Geof Smith at North Carolina State University, with sodium acetate as the alkalinizing agent to better meet the needs of scouring calves.

It is essential that oral electrolyte solutions have an alkalinizing agent of bicarbonate or acetate. At right are the benefits of sodium acetate:
  • Acetate produces energy when metabolized.
  • Acetate does not increase abomasal pH.
  • A volatile fatty acid, acetate stimulates sodium and water absorption in the calf intestine.
  • Acetate inhibits the growth of Salmonella and other bacteria; E. coli and Salmonella are killed at a pH around 3.0.
Land O’Lakes Electrolyte System is one of the only U.S. electrolyte products made with sodium acetate.

Designed for cost-effective early intervention, the Electrolyte System BASE features sodium and potassium for correcting electrolyte imbalance, high dextrose for quick energy, and zinc to assist in tissue healing. This product is ideal for use at the first sign of scours, during times of heat stress, and as a part of a receiving protocol for shipped calves.

The Land O’Lakes Electrolyte System ADD PACK is designed to be added to the BASE to treat calves that are showing clinical signs of dehydration. It features glycine to assist in electrolyte transport, sodium acetate to help correct acidosis, and malic acid to reduce D-lactic.

Finally, Land O’Lakes Electrolyte Complete has also been given a formula upgrade with the inclusion of malic acid to help reduce D-lactic acidosis.

For more information on these and other calf care products, contact your Munson Lakes sales nutritionist at 320-543-2561 or 800-245-7717.

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